Covid-19 – Dystopian nightmare?

The Covid-19 crisis is a tragedy for our society. A year on from the first outbreaks in Wuhan, the virus continues to present an...

Attention Brands

Outlet centres are no longer a ‘no-frills’ vehicle for managing the clearance of unsold stock. Today they are vibrant and attractive...

MAPIC Outlet Summit 2019

Ken Gunn will present a market overview at the MAPIC Outlet Summit 2019 in Cannes

Channelling Benefits

Ken Gunn discusses the many benefits of operating an outlet channel for brands such as Adidas, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Nike and Polo Ralph Lauren

Survival of the Fittest

Ken Gunn suggests reasons why sales at designer outlet sales are growing at ten times the rate of traditional retail centres

About Ken Gunn Consulting

Ken Gunn Consulting is Europe's leading designer outlet consultancy. This post introduces our services.