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Magnificent Seven - Outlet Quotations

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Designer outlet centres are loved by consumers, brands, politicians and investors alike. They offer guests an unrivalled experience, they're the most profitable retail channel, top centres match the rate of online fashion sales growth and with 90 new centres since 2008, they're an important source of investment and employment for communities.

As passionate followers of designer outlet centres, Ken Gunn Consulting scours the world for innovation, best practice and comment about the industry. We believe the seven published quotations below help illustrate the reasons behind their global success.

Unique Experience

Everything we do, our entire corporate being, is directed towards creating an experience in a special, hopefully unique environment for tourists and people who are prepared to travel, think and behave like tourists, even if they live down the road.

Scott D. Malkin, Group Chairman, Value Retail Plc, Libensmittel Zeitung April 2010

Inspirational Design

We don’t just build shopping centres; we build architecturally designed retail environments that elevate the shopping experience for our visitors. We understand that great architecture and design gives a sense of place, and we have a long-established heritage of drawing inspiration from regional architecture, while working with some of the world’s most celebrated architects.’”

Adrian Nelson, Group Leasing & Brand Development Director, McArthurGlen, Retail Focus Magazine September 2018

Versatile Format

We understand that shoppers are not just looking for a great retail offering - they also want a compelling leisure offer when selecting their destination. At Gunwharf Quays, 30% of the space is leisure, which has increased dwell time by 17% in the past 12 months."

Jack Busby, Senior Portfolio Director – Outlets, Landsec PLC, Land Securities Magazine Winter 2014

Brand Benefits

The overlap between consumers, between the off price and the full price, is very, very limited, so with the off price with the old collection I can talk to a customer that will maybe never come into our full-price shops. On those, I can start creating the desire for this customer to move to full price.”

Marco Bizzarri, CEO Gucci, Investor Presentation June 2016

Delighted Guests

Wow!!! We love this place so much!!! It was during the winter sale, and we had such a good bargain!!! What more, they have amazing restaurants like Nandos, Zizzi, and many more!! A movie theatre too!!! A good place for family cos what’s surround the outlet is a port and watching the sunset. Not a hectic place to be in!! Highly recommended!

Sara M, Hawalli Kuwait, Trip Advisor January 2019

Low Retail Impact

“There were understandable concerns that the opening of Gloucester Quays might have a detrimental effect on the City Centre, but this hasn’t happened.”

Chris Oldershaw, Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration Company, July 2009

Community Benefit

McArthurGlen, working closely with the local and regional tourism industry, has helped to develop Neumünster and the surrounding area as a must-visit destination. This has brought additional wealth to the region and provided employment for many local people, making the designer outlet a key employer for this area.

Dr Olaf Tauras, Lord Mayor of Neumünster, McArthurGlen press release, September 2015

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