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About Ken Gunn Consulting

Ken Gunn Consulting is one of the most experienced, respected and influential consultancies serving the global outlet industry.  Located in London, the business specialises in helping clients plan new developments, assess potential acquisitions and increase sales and income through consultancy advice which is based upon comprehensive and highly contextualised examinations of site potential.

To ensure realistic and forward-looking advice, Ken Gunn Consulting maintains a unique database of outlet centre catchments, brand portfolios, site characteristics, footfall, trading estimates and news. This database collates information from across Europe and has evolved to become the leading source of statistics and trends for the outlet community.

Ken Gunn Consulting’s core services are:

Feasibility Studies - comprehensive, independent assessments of trading performance for new outlet centres and advice to create the ideal site proposition for brands and guests

Pre-Acquisition Reviews – rapid assessments of trading performance, growth opportunities and future value at existing sites, prior to purchase

Asset Strategy – comprehensive evaluation of market opportunities, site characteristics and trading performance at existing designer outlet centres, with recommendations for optimising sales growth

Implementation – using project outputs to achieve change at key points in the asset lifecycle, including concept design, authorisation, investment, construction and leasing

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